Complete project management

At S.A.T. we provide complete project management, beginning with consultation and site inspection, through to supply and installation of the equipment, and final connection your new solar system to the Grid. Not only do all of our panels come with a 25 year warranty as standard, but we also provide an operations maintenance service should it be required.

Initial contact

To start the ball rolling we undertake a Desktop Solar PV Survey. This is our state-of-the-art surveying system that provides helps us determine the suitability of the site, project the expected output and estimate the system cost- all without needing to visit the premises.

On-site survey

A member of our technical team will need to visit the proposed site to check the suitability of the site and take detailed measurements. We will also:

  • Check site access and roof conditions for installation feasibility, issues and costs;
  • Ensure that the electrical connection to the Grid is up-to-date and meets current safety regulations;
  • Predict the expected power output of the system, both on an annual and lifetime basis.

Report and quotation

Once the inspections and surveys have been completed, we will prepare a detailed site survey report and send this to you along with our quotation. Once you have had chance to review the report and quotation, you may want to discuss any issues with our team and make any necessary changes.


When beginning a project we will ask you to sign an order confirmation and return it to us along with a deposit. The installation involves many different aspects, and depending on the size of the project may take place over several days. We will however always seek to minimise the disruption to you any your site, and will discuss and agree with you the dates and method of each aspect of the installation.

  • Scaffolding will need to be put in place prior to installation and removed again upon completion;
  • We will supply and install all the electrical components that connect your new solar PV system to the Grid;
  • Your electricity supplier may need to change your meter for a bi-directional version that measures both import and export of electricity;
  • The PV system will be delivered to the site and installed as required;
  • Once all the elements are in place, the system will be commissioned and start to generate power.

Operations maintenance

Due to their very few moving parts, solar PV systems require only minimal maintenance. Nevertheless, as part of our service we provide annual servicing and repairs of your system when needed.