Roof owners

Commercial use of PV energy has been around for decades, however rising energy costs, desire to reduce overheads and concerns about public image have driven a sharp increase in the use of PV systems within the commercial sector. Solar panels can be installed in many different locations and adapted to a variety of situations. Our technical team can help you to analyse your particular situation and show you how solar PV systems can benefit your business.

Roof installations

PV roof installations can take one of two forms: rooftop or in-roof. Both have their own advantages and disadvantges, but our technicians will help you decide which is best for you. We've also put together a quick-start guide to understanding solar PV systems.

Peace of mind

Rest assured that you're in safe hands with S.A.T. We have years of experience in the solar PV sector and have carried out hundreds of roof installations. We manage the entire process, from planning to commissioning to make sure your project goes smoothly.